Hockey drill: block 1 exercise 1 playing in a half-circle

Suitable for the following techniques: attack , positional play , build-up

Block 1 exercise 1 playing in a half-circle

  • Practicing putting down a bowl and playing in a cup.
  • Ball starts on the sideline and there is no room at the front so the ball has to go back!
    • How do you stand in a half-circle? 
  • We play in a 4 man half-circle and so we stand as it is in the picture below. 
  • What is the task of the people in the half-circle? 
  • The left back receives the ball first from the midfielder who takes it out because there is no room in the front. 
  • It is the task of the left back to have already looked in advance where is the space and where can I go with the ball again. 
  • Then you have the left center man in the half-circle.
  • He takes some steps backwards so he can receive the ball from the back left in a safe place. and must also have looked beforehand how is the game and where can I go with the ball when I'm going to get the ball. 
  • The right middle man in the half-circle should have an overview of the game and make sure she is playable for the other middle man or even from the left back if there is room for it. 
  • The right back can stand a bit high or some pockets, he must see the game of the opponent and be able to play on it.
  • If high pressure is applied, he has to drop back a bit more to be playable for the people in the bowl behind him.
  • If they give less pressure he can stand high to keep the field long and wide and keep playing forward. 
  • How are we going to build up forward what is the task of the midfielders? 
  • The task of the midfielders is to offer from the inside out, walk towards the ball and if they don't get the ball you walk away again to create space for your fellow players.
  • The other team will put pressure on the players who are playing in the half-circle and will experiment with this. 

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