hockey drill:
"Block 1 exercise 1 running towards the ball"

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control , passing , hitting

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Block 1 exercise 1 running towards the ball

Points of attention

  • A should give a hard targeted push in B's forehand. 
  • B comes offering and runs through the ball. stick on the ground moving forward. 
  • Takes the ball while running and accelerates with the forehand along the pilons, holding the ball to the stick so DO NOT give a tap. 
  • Comes into the circle, aligns the ball and strikes the goal (hands together, left foot in front in the direction of the goal, dropping a little through your knees, finish your stroke).
  • On the other hand, the same thing is the same, only you have to drive along the pilons to keep the ball one step in front of you. 
  • Switch on the same side so A to the spot of B and vice versa. When all the balls are around you change sides and do the exercise on the other side. 
hockey Block 1 exercise 1 running towards the ball