hockey drill:
"Block 1 exercise 1 technique exercise"

Suitable for the following techniques: hitting , pass around player

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Block 1 exercise 1 technique exercise

  • Technique exercise 
  • 3 different actions we will refine and train further
  • Exercise at A: Two lift actions with at the last one an acceleration to the circle (also practice with backhand lift)
  • Exercise at B: Forehand turn them in steps to the left and from there turn them in the other direction and then accelerate towards the circle.
  • Exercise at C: Entry exercise to the left and accelerate and the other side along it.
  • They walk in the direction of the little v and step in with their left foot and let the ball go that way as well and bring it back and accelerate the other way and pull this acceleration through to the circle and then round it off.
hockey Block 1 exercise 1 technique exercise