hockey drill:
"Block 1 exercise 2 tip-in training"

Suitable for the following techniques: push pass , hitting

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Block 1 exercise 2 tip-in training

  • A drives the ball with the stick into the circle, aligns the ball up and finishes at goal. At the bottom between, B dribbles with the ball on the pilon with the ball on the stick.
  • B makes eye contact me A and gives a 90 degree pass on the forehand of A (preferably with a push)
  • A picks up the ball on line and finishes at goal
  • B runs after hitting the second ball from A towards C
  • C gives a hard pass towards the circle
  • Like he wants to score
  • B uses a tip-in to change the direction of the ball and enter the goal (walk through the ball, let stick point in the direction you want the ball to go).
  • You are running from
    • A to B 
    • B to C 
    • C to A
hockey Block 1 exercise 2 tip-in training