hockey drill:
"Block 1 exercise 3 half court press expansion"

Suitable for the following techniques: attack , defense , positional play

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Block 1 exercise 3 half court press expansion

  • Further practice with half court press.
  • The goal is that they realize what to do when the ball is passed. 
  • How are we supposed to walk as a front runner. 
  • Ball starts at A 
  • The 3 defenders will stand in such a way that the line is closed and so the ball can only be passed to the sides or back out.
  • A gives the ball towards B because the line is closed. 
  • Now comes what the whole exercise is about what the 3 defenders should do now.
  • V1 slides so that it is in front of the ball so that the ball cannot be given straight forward.
  • V2 stands between the person with the ball and the ball goal line
  • V3 which dribbles to the attacker C who comes closer. V3 prevents C from getting the ball and defends on the inside. between the opponent and the goal. 
  • From here on it is a 3:3 
  • On the other hand it is exactly the same and discs the defenders the same.
hockey Block 1 exercise 3 half court press expansion