hockey drill:
"Block 1 exercise 3 tip-in and tip-out running"

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control , passing

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Block 1 exercise 3 tip-in and tip-out running

  • Two solving exercises that you can both do for 10 minutes
  • Also first the explanation of the tip-in exercise
  • B starts running around the pilons and accelerates when he reaches the goal towards A.
  • A gives a hard facing pass towards the goal
  • B tip the ball so that it changes direction
  • Then they change places
  • Other exercise
  • We are going to practice walking in out
  • A is a right behind who wants to play the ball somewhere. B is the middle right and he is going to run one in out. 
  • He starts in the middle of the field and wants to offer himself for A.
  • He accelerates towards the sideline A may choose whether he wants to give the ball or not.
  • If he doesn't give the ball, A finishes his line further and comes back to where he started and then runs again on another in-out. 
  • If A passes, B takes the ball and is allowed to score on the goaltender.
hockey Block 1 exercise 3 tip-in and tip-out running