hockey drill:
"build-up and intervening"

Suitable for the following techniques: defense , hitting

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build-up and intervening


  • Orange 1 starts with a pass from the sideline to one of the builders (orange 2,3).
  • Orange defends out and scores in the goal (A) on the 23 meter line.
  • When intercepting or winning a duel by blue (1,2) they score on the big goal (2 blue against 3 orange+k).
  • Orange gives direct pressure on blue when losing the ball.
  • The exercise starts again after a goal in 1 of the 2 goals, after a maximum of 2 switch moments or when the ball is out.

Tips ball possession

  • Make the field wide.
  • Take open after scanning the space (by builders).
  • Keep depth between both lines (formation 2-1;1-1-1).

Tips non ball possession

  • Make a choice between putting direct pressure on the ball owner or letting the opponent come and reducing space.
  • Force a passing or running action to the outside (sideline).
  • As a goalkeeper, coach the rear build-up player.
  • Switching tips
  • At Ball Loss:
    • Put pressure on the ball holder.
    • Play compact and reduce space.

At Ball Profit:

  • Preferably play with the ball instead of the ball.
  • Make sure there is a quick play point in the depth.

Make it easier

  • Build up with 3 players, where the trainer gives the 1st pass to 1 of the 3 Orange players
  • Make more difficult
    • Provide an evental in players: 3 Orange (with goalkeeper) against 3 Blue (3rd player of Blue starts from the goalkeeper at 23 meters line).