hockey drill:
"Building up an attack between defenders"

Suitable for the following techniques: Passing , Attack , Pass around player , Positional play

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Building up an attack between defenders

  • The centre mid runs in towards the defender (red) he plays the ball to the right half, who runs into the free space
  • The centre mid runs forward.
  • Right half plays the ball between the defenders to the right front who comes running in between the defenders. 
  • Front right passes te ball to the left and goes past the defender and runs in the circle. 
  • The centre mid now has two options that influence finishing: 
    • 1: he plays the ball to the striker to the left within the circle area. 
      • Striker plays directly on goal OR crosses to the right front (and runs towards the front of the second post).
    • 2: he plays it to the right of the central defender on the right front player. 
      • Right front attempts to shoot directly on goal OR passes towards to second post, striker tips it in.
  • Tip: Because the game can change depending on choices, communication is key! 
  • Indicate where you want the ball and shout to whom you are playing it!

hockey Building up an attack between defenders