hockey drill:

Suitable for the following techniques: push pass , warming-up , passing

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Getting warm through a combination of passing, running and controlling the ball while running or standing still.

Set up:

This exercise also known in volleyball. The pilons are not quite in a triangle. It is possible, depending on the number of players, to set up multiples of the exercise.

1. The player at A plays the ball straight on to the player at B.

2. The player at B plays the ball to the player at C and runs towards point A.

3. The player at C receives the ball at point D and passes it to point A.

4. For the substitution A goes to B, B via D to C and C to A. 



  • The stroke can be varied. (hitting, push, flats)
  • The distances can be increased or decreased to adjust the level of difficulty.
  • Pilons can be placed to play in between. This to increase the accuracy. When you make the pilons smaller, the difficulty increases.
  • To play the ball from C to D, it can be bounced.
  • To play the ball from D to A, it can be bounced.
  • You can also place point C on the other side so that you turn backhand and forehand. 
  • When you place point C in 90 degrees from point B, you can rotate the same exercise only then from a different angle at point D. 
  • When you put down different situations, you can let the exercise rotate. Situation A is the standard, with situation B the exercise is mirrored, with situation C the exercise is set up in such a way that point B and C are at 90 degrees from each other and situation D is a mirror of situation C. 

Points of attention:

  • As a trainer you can take a good look at the different techniques of your players.
  • Sit low when controlling the ball
  • When playing the ball from C to D, the ball must not pass too far in the direction of A. The aim is for the player coming from B to take the ball at right angles. 
  • Play where possible on the forehand.
  • Stand ready to control the ball. (low to the ground, stick on the ground)