hockey drill:
"Creating chances"

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control , passing , attack , defense

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Creating chances


Field: half field


  • Orange has 6 players and blue has 4 players plus a goalkeeper.
  • After a self pass, the first player of team orange passes to the right player (2) or left player (3).
  • Then Orange plays in the central part of the field a 6:4+gk.
  • At interception by Blue, Blue then scores in one of the goals (A/B) on the side between the 23 meter line and center line.
  • Start over after a goal is scored, after the ball goes over the back line/middle line or after a maximum of 3 interceptions

Tips Ball possession

  • Take an open control
  • Keep depth as six (play in 3 or 4 lines).
  • Make the playing field wide.

Tips Not In Ball Possession

  • Slow down the attack by chanelling.
  • Keep pressure on the one in ball possession (1 sticklength distance).
  • Goalkeeper: coach your team-mates briefly and concisely.

Tips Switching

At Loss of Ball:

  • In the event of ball loss, apply pressure directly to the player in possession.
  • Quickly regroup between player in possession and own goal.

In case of ball gain:

  • Choose to pass the ball.
  • Walk out of the duel after winning the ball.

Make it easier

  • Changing the number of players: Orange with 5 players against Blue with 3+keeper.

Make it more difficult

  • Third goal at center line (just before the starting position of Orange player 1).