hockey drill:
"Entering in motion"

Suitable for the following techniques: push pass , warming-up , passing , hitting

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Entering in motion


To become physically as well as technically warm as preparation for the training.

Set up:

The exercise will be done with a maximum of 4 people. Of course you can put a multiple of these so that the exercise still works.

1. The players 1 start with the ball and play it to their players 2. Then they change positions.

2. Players 2 play the ball back to players 1 and also change positions.



  • You can vary the way of passing (hitting, push, flats)
  • Increase the distance between the pilons that players only has to run further.
  • Increase the distance between the pilons that players have to pass over longer distances
  • Increase both distances.
  • Increase speed.
  • Make as many successful passes as possible in time.

Points of attention:

  • Sit low for a good control.
  • Stick to the ground at ball control.
  • Play the ball on the forehand side.
  • Stand still while performing a ball control.