hockey drill:
"hockey open/closed controlling"

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control , passing , dribbling , hitting

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hockey open/closed controlling

  • Put the pilons as shown in the figure
  • Spread the balls over pilons C and D.
  • In this exercise you place a player at pilons C and D.
  • The rest of the team will line up at pilon A.
  • From A onwards, the player walks around the pilon
  • From the post, the player makes a sideways movement facing the ball (facing C).
  • Player C plays the ball in the forehand of A
  • A takes the ball and turns right open
  • A runs in the direction of the circle and finishes at goal. 
  • From here he runs to D and receives another ball. 
  • The player turns open to the left and finishes on goal again.