hockey drill:
"Receiving and accelerating under pressure "

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control , passing , dribbling , condition

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Receiving and accelerating under pressure

  • Keeper on target
  • Place 2 gates of pilons on the 23-metre line (the gates are on the left and right side of the goalposts)
  • Player red starts on the head circle and accelerates with ball through the gates.
  • Immediately after passing the gates, red passes to blue. 
  • Red sprints around a pilon to put pressure and/or take the ball away from blue. 
  • After receiving the ball, blue accelerates with ball and runs through the gates. 
  • If blue passes through the gates, red is not allowed to take the ball and has to go back to the pilon. 
  • Blue accelerates into the head circle and shoots at the goal.
hockey Receiving and accelerating under pressure