hockey drill:

Suitable for the following techniques: push pass , passing , hitting

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  • Put out gates of pilons (2 meters wide). from sideline to sideline.
  • Players get 3 balls on the sideline
  • any ball they can pass through a gate
  • In advance, the player indicates which gate he is going to play through
  • Each gate has points, the further the gate the higher the points:
  • 10 Meter gate = 1 point
  • 15 meter gate =5 points
  • 20 meter gate = 10 points
  • 30 meter gate is =20 points
  • 40 meter gate = 30 points
  • See how many points each player scores, this makes it clear to the players that a long-distance pass is often not very accurate.
  • In addition, you can show that pushing and flatting can be much more convenient than hitting.
  • You can put (depending on the level) a square of 3M x3M on the field and if the players score and the ball lands in the square it is worth 50 points.

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