korfball drill:
"relay race"

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relay race

Initial setup

  • Two groups at the two first pilons.


  • The first in line runs to the hoop and goes through the bottom, so the hoop goes over their head, through the hoop. 
  • Then he goes through the defensive position to the second pilon and spins 4 times around it.
  • Finally, he runs to the third pilon and scores before he can run back to the first pilon and tap the next one in the row.
  • Defensive posture:
  • Back out and through the knees with your arm up. 

Distance setup:

  • Hoop at pilon 1: 5 meters.
  • Pilon 2 from the hoop: 5 meters. 
  • Pilon 3 and pilon 2: 5 meters.
  • Pawl 3 and pilon 3: 4 meters.