korfball drill:
"through-ball tour"

Suitable for the following techniques: running in shot , passing , condition

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through-ball tour

  • Place two posts where they usually are during a game.
  • Then place two pilons at the far left and far right on the center line. 
  • Ideally, this exercise is done with 8 people, more is possible, less than 8 doesn't work.
  • At each post or pilon two people are standing, one person under the post starts with the ball (on both sides). 
  • This person throws the ball to someone near the pilon on his right and runs after the ball. 
  • This person then throws the ball to the other post, and the second person near the pilon goes for a through-ball. 
  • Now the ball is under the post again and the round starts over again.


(Black line: throwing and running after the ball) (Black dotted line: throwing ball) (Red line is running for a through-ball)

  • through-ball-tour