Korfball drill: warm-up 2-team scoring on all baskets

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

Warm-up 2-team scoring on all baskets

  • The exercise is done in pairs.
  • For every pair there is a basket in a circle/square.
  • With a group of 16 players, there are 8 baskets in a square/round/oval formation.
  • Each pair has 1 ball. The aim of the game is to score twice on all the baskets.
  • Each pair starts at its own basket. Shooter 1 is going to score a goal, as soon as a goal is scored, the players change and shooter 2 starts shooting.
  • When 2 has also scored, the pair moves to the basket, regardless of whether the pair is still playing there or not.
  • At this basket, shooter 1 starts again and tries to score a goal as fast as possible.
  • As soon as he or she scores, the players swap places and shooter 2 starts shooting again.
  • When he has also scored, the pair moves on to the next basket.
  • The exercise continues until each pair has returned to its own basket.
  • It may happen that three pairs are working at a basket and two baskets are empty.
  • This is not a problem, the players just have to be careful with where they throw.

Characteristics of the drill

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