volleyball drill:
"Card run game"

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

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Card run game

  • The cards of a complete deck (including jokers) are placed face down on the ground at a central spot in the playing area.
  • The players are divided over 4 teams in the 4 corners of the playing area.
  • Every team has to collect different kind of cards: hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs.
  • After signal, the first player of every team can go to the central point to collect 1 card.
  • The player turns one card, and has to take it if it is the right kind (or a joker).
  • If it is the wrong kind, he has to put it back face down.
  • The next player can leave if he is tagged (relay race).

Which team is first in showing a line of 13 cards of their kind?