Volleyball drill: cmv walk-in playmaker 2

Suitable for the following techniques: system

CMV walk-in playmaker 2


  • the system is:
    • if 2 or 3 plays the first ball, 4 runs to the front of the team to set up a setup
    • when 1 or 4 plays the first ball, 3 runs to the midfield to give a setup
  • put the team on the right positions
  • coach hits the ball and throws/serves the ball over the net to the team
    • the first ball is claimed by a player (call LOS / I agree on that)
    • As soon as the ball is played by the trainer, it is clear to 3 and 4 whether it must go to the front.
    • So the player has to be in the position of the centre as soon as possible.
  • if all goes well play on and set uppen ball along the net and 2nd ball over play
    • if necessary put a hoop where the ball has to go in.
  • if it does not go well stop and
    • explain who should have called it loose etc
    • Did the playmaker walk on time. etc
  • after every good ball turn
  • if there are enough players available (> 4), use someone to get the ball at the trainer's side and put it in the box
    • playmaker right leg in front
    • body first in direction of 1 where the ball comes from
    • then the body turns through energy from the left foot along the net
    • eventually the knees point over the feet in the direction of play

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
11 year



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