Volleyball drill: cmv walk-in playmaker

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CMV walk-in playmaker


  • Divide the group in 4 and divide them equally over position 1,2,3 and 4.
  • There they make rows
  • Trainer throws ball to 1 (possibly hit ball as sign)
    • 2 runs to the middle (because the ball comes from 1)
  • 1 plays to midfielder
    • after playing the ball 1 walks to row 2
  • 2 plays the ball along the net
    • when the ball is played, 2 goes to line at 3
  • at the moment that 2 touches the ball 3 runs to the net
  • 3 plays the ball quietly over the net to 4
    • after play 3 connects with row 1
  • 4 gives the ball to the trainer
  • after a couple of rounds replace 4.
    • playmaker right leg in front
    • body first in direction of 1 where the ball comes from
    • then the body turns through energy from the left foot along the net
    • eventually the knees point over the feet in the direction of play
  • If necessary the next player in line 2 can check if the playmaker has his right foot in front during play.
    • If yes: then this one calls "GOOD".
    • If not: call out "FOOT".
    • (only do this if the exercise runs smoothly on its own)

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
11 year



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