volleyball drill:
"Defending and speed"

Suitable for the following techniques: defense

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Defending and speed

Per 3: 1 person at the net, 1 person on the end line, 1 person in between  ;

  • Person in between is going to work each time, gets the ball from person at the net, underhand back. Turns backwards after few steps, ball from end line, underhand back. Turn back and repeat (20x reception)
  • Can be thrown or hit

Per 2: 1 person at the net and 1 person on 3 meter line.

  • Ball is thrown from the net to 3 meter line, overarm back. 
  • Move backwards, and ball is hit to end line, overarm back
  • End line is tagged by this player, person at the net lets the ball drop. Dive after 1 collision