volleyball drill:
"defense on attack by position 2 and 4"

Suitable for the following techniques: passing

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defense on attack by position 2 and 4


  • Coach throws a set up to 3 and X on side A. 3 and X attack
  •  The 6 on side B are in rally set up and defend the attacks.

  • 1 and X on side B watch their attacker to know where to block. 
  • X1 connects to X and 1 by watching their feet and plays hers next to them.

  • Move after the set up and move as long as you can.

Moving as long as you can is for me the moment the attacker is about to hit the ball. At that moment the defender makes a split step and you make sure the focus of your body is being brought forward. So do not move backwards when the ball is hit, because your focus point is behind you and you will be too late to defend the ball before you.

If the ball is defended, finish rally.