volleyball drill:
"King of Smashball"

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King of Smashball

Game to conclude the training. This exercise combines the two nice concluding exercises King of Court and Smashball. 

Played in pairs. In case of an even number of players, the pairs will remain the same, in case of an odd number two different team members are constantly in the field.

  • One pair begins in the "king's field" and the other team at the other side of the field, the other players are waiting at the side for their turn.
  • The team that begins on the other side of the field gets a ball served by the trainer, is played together three times to attack the "king's field"
  • The rally is played until a point is scored.
  • If the team on the other side scores a point, it takes the place of the team on the "king's field" and their place is taken by a new pair.
  • If the team on the "king's field" scores a point, both pairs remain, and the team on the "king's field" is thrown a (hard) ball by the trainer which is defended and then the rally is finished.
  • This offers an extra chance for the other team to get to the "king's field", while the team on the "king's field" can score an extra point.
  • If the team on the "king's field" scores this point again, the other side changes team, and the service begins again.

This game seems a bit hard for the pupils at first, but the teams that have payed this game always want it as concluding game..