Volleyball drill: pass and play

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, serving

Pass and play

In today's exercise, the following techniques will be used: serving, attacking, passing and distributing. However, the emphasis is on the pass and the distribution. The players have to watch, think well and react adequately during this exercise.

pass-and-playThe diagram looks more complicated than the exercise is. The exercise goes as follows (I keep the numbering of the red numbers):

  • 1 player 3 serves
  • 2a one of the two playmakers runs to the position at the right front (the playmakers take turns)
  • 2b one of the two passers (in this case player 2) passes the ball to the right front side
  • 2c player 3 (who has just served) runs to the backline of the other half of the game
  • 3 the server gives a setup to the player who did NOT pass. A setup to the centre if player 1 has passed and a setup to the outside if player 2 has passed.
  • 4+5 the player who did not pass attacks (in this case player 1)
  • 6a the attacker retrieves his own batted ball and joins the back of the line of serves.
  • 6b the place where the attacker stood is taken by the first player in the row behind the court.

As soon as the ball is hit the next service is played.


  • A minimum of 9 players;
  • pair of balls;

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: