Volleyball drill: pass exercise

Suitable for the following techniques: passing

Pass exercise

A good pass is indispensable to set up a counter attack. Therefore it cannot be trained enough. In this exercise, the emphasis is on the pass.

pass-exerciseOn one side, two players line up to pass. On this side there is also a playmaker. Both the passer and the defender remain standing. The servers rotate. They take turns serving the two passers. Server 4 begins at the net where the outside attack is normally performed.

Server 1 begins by serving. After the service he walks to the net to catch the service after him. His service is caught by one of the passers, the server gives a setup high outside and player four catches the setup. Player 4 then walks to the serving area and player 1 takes his place.

The exercise must be done in a quick tempo. When the server plays the ball, the next player should already start serving.

After 5 minutes, change passers and distributors.

If there are many players the field can be divided in two lengthwise.

Characteristics of the drill

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