Basketball drills for all skills

  • 4 groups of players in each corner of the field.
  • 4 cones in the centre circle
  • 2 balls on each side line
  • 5 players.
  • 3 offensive,
  • 2 passive defensive players.
  • Well executed,
  • possible to add 1 off
  • and 1 def player in corner.
  • 3 guys outside 3-point line.
  • Pass/Dribble right, move right.
  • Pass the ball to moving player when he is outside again. (Pure for the drill, insidelay-up is goal 1)
  • (Defenders can be added later.)
  • Score 10 free throws.
  • When you score your first free throw, you may take your second.
  • When you miss your first shot, you sprint back and forth twice.
  • 2 players start on 3 point line + 1 player with ball on top
  • Players 2 and 3 sprint to baseline and back.
  • Player 1 passes ball to player 2 or 3. Player 2 and 3 then play 1x1.
  • Variation :
    • In a second phase, passes can also be made to the player on top who then passes back.
  • You slide over the back lines and over the middle line and sprint over the other lines.
  • You run an eight twice and then a rest and that 3 times.
  • You start in the corner
  • You dribble to the center line while the defender sends you to one side until the basket-basket line and the off line after the center line 1v1
  • outlet pass two by two attacks
  • and then quickly swipe
  • Pass layup
  • on the last pass there is a defender in a place where you can easily pass