Basketball drills for all skills

  • all the players sit in a circle on one half
  • everyone has a ball
  • keep your legs stretched above the ground
  • 1st exercise = everyone passes the ball to the left
  • 2nd drill = everyone passes the ball to the right
  • 3rd exercise = do the same with a couple of "medizin" balls or 1 or 2 "medizin" balls in between
  • now in plank position or push-up position
  • 1st exercise = everyone rolls the ball under themselves to the next player through / left around
  • 2nd exercise = everyone rolls the ball under themselves to the next player through / right around
  • 3rd exercise = now the ball may also be rolled to another player e.g. to the other side

  • 2 or more players have the ball and walk/dribble through each other
  • On signal, the person with the ball passes to the first person he/she makes eye contact with
  • repeat maximum 8 times

  • A short game 5x5.
  • 10 minutes.
  • Who has the most points wins.
  • In case of a tie, the first to score wins.
  • ATTENTION : keep a strict eye on the time. 2 x 5 minutes ; 2 minutes break
  • 2 players start on 3 point line + 1 player with the ball on top
  • Players 2 and 3 sprint to baseline and back.
  • Player 1 passes ball to player 2 or 3. Player 2 and 3 then play 1x1.
  • 4. Variation :
    • In a second phase the ball can also be passed to the player on top who then passes back.
  1. Player with ball, other player standing at a cone.
  2. Player step-slides to other cone and receives pass, passes back and step-slide back to previous cone.
  3. After 30" change
  • Shooting warm-up.
  • Matching pairs starting from the back line to the halfway line.
  • Minimum of 3 passes.
  • When you reach the halfway line, the player on the sideline dribbles to the middle, between the legs, behind the back around the pylon and back to the right.
  • Other player runs to a pylon outside the bucket, runs around it and offers himself for the pass.
  • Then takes the shot.
  • Passer rebounds and moves to opposite side of court for pairs, passes to opposite side and lay-up.
  • Ball may not touch ground.
  • 3 rows/players plus coach/passer.
  • Wing with ball, centre without, baseline without.
  • Player with ball passes to mid player, who passes to player running free from baseline to wing opposite side.

  • Wing weakside receives ball on wing, extended free throw line.
  • Drive to mid basket, jump stop, right leg step to "defender", finish left on left side.

  • Midfielder moves to spot where wing was standing, sets (fictitious screen), rolls to basket and receives pass from coach. Lay-up.
  • Wing 1 to mid, mid after lay-up, ball to coach, self to wing weakside row.
  • Wing 2, after jump stop/left lay-up with ball to wing 1.

  • 1 player on the baseline,
  • 1 at the free throw line.
  • Sprinting to the center circle,
  • circle and then diagonally to the corner.
  • Back players try to touch the front players.
  • Put on zone defense 2-1-2.
  • 2-3 same.
  • Younger players first.
  • 4-5 passers.
  • Let zone move.
  • Triangle rebounding (weakside P)
  • Show start offense........