Basketball drills for all skills


  • Four men in Diamond Defence.
  • 5-6 men on offense.
  • Ball changes position.
  • Defence responds.
4-4 or 5-5 passing


  • 2 rows and 1 outlet standing slightly lower (on side of row with ball)
  • Player without ball makes in/out v-cut and comes up to free throw line (asking for the ball)
  • Player in 2nd row passes and goes to rebound passes to outlet on the other side and connects
  • Player who shot the ball becomes outlet at the other end
When the ball bounces far from the hoop (2 options, no matter which player joins the row with the ball)

2 x 3 set-up
  • 2 pairs (defender/attacker).
  • 1 player at head of bucket with ball.
  • Pass and set up screen on player without ball.
  • Player cuts above.
  • Player also rolls off.
4 pylons, at each pylon 1 player (1 or 2 players rebound)
  • Pass the ball down
  • Cut to the other side
Fill positions and ball goes through passes to the other side low, where the player takes a shot
Row on the halfway line without the ball
Line up on baseline (corner of sideline) with ball
  • Player cuts in at pace.
  • Gets ball (bounce pass, not dribble. If you get pass too early you make a dribble).


Groups divided over baskets, 2 pylons on head bucket
try to get equal numbers so we can have a game
  • Start low.
  • Run to pylon.
  • Slides over free throw line.
  • Back to base.
  • Back again (tap line).
Set up on one side so players can run directly into each other (loser press).
Running training

  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec knee lifts
  • 30 sec heels against buttocks
  • 30 sec bridge with 1 foot on ball
  • 30 sec jump-lunge with ball between legs 30 sec skating jumps
  • 30 sec Russian-twist (feet off the floor)


  • Build up from 25

Plank workout (3 minutes)

  1. 30 seconds normal plank
  2. 30 seconds of alternating left and right leg lifts
  3. 30 seconds of side plank on right side, other arm extended
  4. 30 seconds side plank on left side, other arm extended
  5. 30 seconds of normal plank 30 seconds of spiderman plank

Bicycle Crunch

  • 2 x 1 minute (rest 20 seconds)


  • 3 x 8 pylo-clap push-ups


You are only allowed to run on the lines of, for example, a volleyball field. The person who's 'it' must try to tag 1 of the runners.


  • Only turn right/left.
  • Knees high.
  • Hopping.
  • Backwards (don't fall!) etc.

Outside you can set up a closed course with hats or cones.


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