Basketball drills for all skills

  • As a team on the back line.
  • Simultaneously jog to center line/back. 3x.
  • All running at the same time.
  • 2 rows of back line. Sprint to free throw line.
  • Jog to center line.
  • Back the other way.
  • Connect other row. (4x)
  • 2 rows left/right on backline.
  • Slides to free throw line, sprint diagonally back to other looking.
  • Side of your own row.
  • Jog back via the outside, connecting other group. (4x) ......stretchen.
  • Set up Baseline.
  • Sprint to the free throw line.
  • Back it up.
  • Slide baseline to the left.
  • Plus 2 slides diagonally.
  • Then sprint to corner diagonal.
  • Backward sprint with hands in the air.
  • 2 best defenders on the side of the ball. 1 and 2, or 1 and 3.
  • These 2 pick up the 2 who want to get the ball on the inbounce. No defense on inbounce.
  • 3 (or 2), weakside with man.
  • 4 midcourt. The interceptor (lob passes etc).
  • 5 own half mid, between 2 men, choose ballside player to defend as prio!

  • With full-court MTM against.
  • 4/5 takes ball next to basket.
  • 1 and 2 on free throw line.Screen low to high, roll off. Free.
  • 3 in front of center line weakside.
  • 5/4 just below free throw line ballside on attack half.
  • 4/4 taking in becomes trailer. Cuts in towards the ball.
  • Ball must be on the side or hand-off.


  • 10 exercises.
  • 30 sec each.
  • 1) Take turns putting your foot far slanted back, moving your arms back low, and as you step back up extended.
  • 2) Lift your foot and move your foot to your other buttock while taking the weight off your other foot.
  • 3) Make fists, lift 1 leg, bring your knee to your chest and move both arms down.
  • 4) Now again like1 with your feet, while swinging and crossing your outstretched arms in front of you.
  • 5) Lock your hands in front of you. move them from left to right four times, at four lift 1 knee and bring your right elbow to your left knee, to 4x vice versa.
  • 6) Vertical jogging
  • 7) Squads, Bring both arms together in front of you.
  • 8) Front kicks, as extended as possible, keep balance.
  • 9) Boxer shuffle, left-right, bring your weight from left to right.
  • 10)Feet slightly apart, touch your left foot with your right hand, alternating.
  • Parcour on the right side of the field.
  • obstacles
  • 1 dribble, sit down while dribbling and stand up while dribbling
  • 2) Dribble, dribble backwards and accelerate forward to the next pylon.
  • 3) Cross the legs 3 times, change legs.
  • 4) Switch in any way from left to right. Pass from backline to row A under the basket.
  • Row A gets the ball from the person who finishes the course.
  • Row B stands on free throw line.
  • B receives pass from A and fills the lane on the right side of the court.
  • A follows and becomes trailer, to pilon and pass from B and to baset.

  • A) Player under the basket with ball.
  • Throw against the board, rebound immediately and finish.
  • Get the ball out of the net and pass to B, who offers to pass from the head to the side of the ball.
  • C stands at the height of the three-point line and offers himself at mid-line side of the ball.
  • Pass from B to C.
  • C dribbles on the side where ball received to height free throw line.
  • A (Trailer) is on the move and receives the ball from C.
  • Pass or hand-off. C finishes.
  • B rebounds.
  • A has followed and must be at least at the bucket head when C makes a lay-up.
  • Score. The team positions itself under the basket and waits until the other three teams are also on this side.
  • And then they start again from this side.
  • Every player takes another spot.
  • If necessary add defense for B and C.
  • For A is also possible, but this only starts when A is on his way to the other side. (1 ball per trio)

  • Coach with ball on the baseline/out off bounce.
  • 2 off. players on ft-line.
  • Plus 2 defenders.
  • Screen/roll get ball.Defenders go to sideline and become offense.
  • 2 dribbles, pass to mid-player on midcourt. Players passes it to either side. 3 v 2.
  • After score, offenders go to row for f-line start.
  • Defenders go to rows midcourt.Boxing-OUT

A) Post 4 is 1 meter outside bucket near baseline with the ball.
B) Player sprints from top 3-pointline to side post A, gets the pass.
C) Post weakside flashes up high on ballside. Gets ball, turnsfor pass (above head)
A) Posts-up before the basket, gets ball and fininshes. Make headfake one side go other side.
After drill,A gives ball to row A and goes to row C.
C goes to row B. B to A.

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