Basketball drills

1 player under the basket

3 or 4 players with ball outside the bucket, distributed or the field

- Give numbers to the players

- Calling out numbers, defender must quickly step out and take up position

2 baskets, spread out:

- left-hand lay-up

- Shooting from 5 positions (1x1, loser press-ups).

- Free running (head of the bucket ball, 2x2 free running to score, emphasis on defense)

- Reaction game (1 defender in the middle, 3 players with ball around the bucket, call out number)

  • Two or three teams. (teams)
  • Per pair or trio 1 ball.
  • 1 shooter, 1 (or 2) rebounder(s).
  • Shooter shoots (from the free throw line, or lower position), then sprints to the middle line.
  • Rebounder catches ball, passes ball to shooter. (Good jump stop, right distance, call for ball).
  • Shooter 5 scores in total, then new shooter.
  • Team of which first all shooters have scored 5 times, wins!

5 lines on the back line, trainer has the ball.

- 2 rows are defenders, rest is attack

- Everyone has to touch the middle line and then attack or defend

- Trainer throws ball in the field or in the circle

1 line with 3 balls

- small field outside, players make a lay-up back and forth and pass to the next one in line.

- If you miss, you have to do it again (build up slowly first).

- Variant: for example 5 dribbles --> they have to make speed

Line up with space around you

- Trainer in front of the group gives instructions with ball in hand

- Ball left or right --> slide to the left or right

- Ball above head --> Jump

- Ball in front of you with arms extended --> situps

- Ball on stomach --> tapping

- Ball on the ground --> push-ups

- Ball around waist --> burpee's

2 teams, 1 ball (variant without ball, without hands)

Dribble and follow with slides, zig/zag between the lines. Pay attention to slides, footwork. Start on back line and after the last pawn 1-1.




Different variants:

Opposite each other (pairs, 5 meters apart)

  • Chest pass
  • Bounce pass
  • 2 balls (bounce and chest at the same time)
  • Pass with defender in between (over head, step out, watch defender)
  • Under time pressure (as many passes as possible in 1 minute - count out loud)

2 rows

  • Pass and close behind (chasing the ball)
  • Two three or four-team teams. (teams)
  • Per team 2 balls.
  • 1 shooter, 2 (or 3) rebounder(s).
  • Shooter shoots (from free throw line, or lower position), then sprints to center line.
  • Rebounder catches ball, passes ball to shooter. (proper jump stop, proper distance, call for ball)
  • Shooter total 10 scores, then new shooter.
  • Team whose first to have all shooters score 5 times wins! 
  • Loser runs a suicide.
  • Player with ball under each basket.
  • Whichever player has 25 scores first.
  • Then next players.
  • All players a ball, trainer a ball.
  • Players in circle around trainer.
  • Trainer shows off, players imitate:
    • Ball around waist, first left, then right --> eventually as fast as possible.
    • Pass the ball through the legs in a figure of eight, first to the left, then to the right --> eventually as fast as possible.
    • Bounce the ball from front to back through the legs and catch it at the back. Then bounce from back to front and catch.
    • Throw the ball up and catch it with two hands behind your back --> eventually throw it as high as possible.
  • Form pairs, backs against each other, 1 ball per pair.
    • Pass the ball to each other left, right.
    • Pass the ball to each other up/down.
  • Make two teams, line up on the baseline.
    • All face the wall.
    • In line: Pass ball alternately bottom/upper, when you have passed ball, join the front of the line.
    • Whichever team gets to the other side first.