Basketball drills for all skills

  1. Walk around the half track (2 laps)
  2. Put a chair on two sides. When you are at the chair, sit down, get up immediately and walk around.
  3. Put hoops on the corners. When you step into the hoop, you make an stretching movement as if you were scoring the ball
  4. Take a ball and dribble with it along the track, doing the movements described in 2 and 3. At 2, do five dribbles in a sitting position.

  • Parcours cris-cros over the field with dribble,
  • cross-over,
  • high and low dribble

  • 3 and 7 run to the circle and look to the right to receive ball from 1 and 5.
  • 1 and 5 run after ball and then stand in the circle.
  • 3 and 7 pass to the man opposite them (i.e. 4 and 8) and chase ball,
  • 4 and 8 pass to 1 and 5 in the circle and chase the ball and stand in the circle.
  • 1 and 5 pass directly to 6 and 2 and chase the ball.
  • 6 and 2 then pass to 4 and 8 in the circle and chase their ball and stand in the circle 4 and 8 pass directly to 3 and 8 who can pass to 6 and 2 in the circle. 6 and 2 pass directly to 1 and 5 and the circle is complete.
  • In fact, everyone is chasing his or her pass.


  • first good hand
  • other hand
  • in turn
  • take high
  • take low
  • walk dribble
  • go under your leg
  1. Zigzag from center to backfield
  2. Free throws 2x2 p.p. After 2 shots. Slides from backfield to center. Quick walk back. (Pace)
  3. Shooting practice at the bucket.
    • 2 rows under the basket.
    • One person has the ball.
    • Receive ball from passer just outside the bucket.
    • Shooter rebounds own goal attempt.
    • Change rows.
    • Pass-shooting-rebounding at a continuous pace.
    • P1 with ball in row A. P2 with ball in row B.
  4. Stretching.


4 or 5 takes ball. With double screen for 1.


3 joins 5 or 4, depends on who takes ball below baseline. Watch your opponent.....! Be smart, think in the field!
3 sets up double screen with 5 (or 4).
1 can cut along here on 2 sides. 3 rolls off to the outside. (Can also get the ball from 4), 5 rolls off to 1 side. Depending on choice of side screen by 1.
2 moves to baseline and comes back to spot for possible shot.

4 or 5, steps into the field. 1 now has shot/lay-up or 3 pass possibilities. 3 provides defensive balance.


  1. Wave from mid-court. (Tempo)
  2. Free-throws 2x2 p.p. After 2 shots. Slides from back-court to mid. Sprint back. (Tempo)
  3. Shooting drill bucket.
    • 2 rows under the basket.
    • One with ball.
    • Get ball from passer just outside bucket.
    • Shooter rebounds own shot.
    • Change rows.
    • Pass-shot-rebound in quick order.
    • P1 with ball in row A. P2 with ball in row B.
  4. Stretching.

  • Center stands with defender on low post with the ball.
    • (4 lines, 2 defense, 2 offense. Swap spots after each shot)
  • Pass to forward.
    • (Passive defense drill)
  • After pass, center runs to three-point line.
    • (Defense defending in the back)
  • Forward pass to center on 3pointline.
  • Cut forward to basket/pass center, hand-off from center, forward over head, over or under.
  • Passive defense. As offense skills increase, passive defense can be converted to active defense.
    • (Connecting exercise to 3-out, 2-in offense).
  • Expansion: 3rd player with defender low pivot weakside.
  • 3 against 3 in triangle.
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