Basketball drills for all skills

  1. Wave from mid-court. (Tempo)
  2. Free-throws 2x2 p.p. After 2 shots. Slides from back-court to mid. Sprint back. (Tempo)
  3. Shooting drill bucket. 2 rows under the basket. One with ball. Get ball from passer just outside bucket. Shooter rebounds own shot. Change rows. Pass-shot-rebound in quick order.
  4. If we run two line lay-ups. Always with an outlet. Tempo!
  5. Or 3 rows.
    • 1 (3) low. 1 with ball left or right side wing.
    • Pass row 2 to 1.
    • Row 3 (under basket?
      • rebound.
      • Rebounder (3) to 1.
      • Shooter/lay-up (1) to 2,
      • Passer (2) to 3.

  • One on one till midcourt average speed.
  • Goal: Slides defender.
  • From 1m over midcourt.
  • One on ne to the basket. 1 shot.
  • Score by offense, offense stays offense
    • First to 4.
  • Position 2 or 3 out.
  • Feed the post.
  • Player move after the pass left or right.
  • Get ball back from post, shoot. (Max one dribble)
  • 4-8 players on each basket.
  • 2-4 offensive players, 2-4 defensive players.
  • 1 shooter.
  • Coach if necessary.
  • 2 against 2 left and right field.
  • Taking turns. (2 baskets, 4x4 players)
  • Plus paasser. (coach)
  • 2 attackers, 2 defenders.

  • Centers/forwards low/high pick, backpick.
  • Watch execution picks.
  • Look for back-door/back-screen.Roll-off after pick.
  • Boxing-out.
  • Score 2 point, stay in offense. Rebound, off or def. 1 point.
  • First team to 10.

  • 2 baskets. 5x2 Free throws. 6 must be in.
  • Rest team around bucket must destract shooter. No touching and not in front off player.
  • Less than 6 is 20- sit-ups.
  • Row A, half number of players. Left side axis half.
  • Pawn at three-point line on left side of field. Spindribble right, coming out at head of bucket set or jumpshot.
  • Finish with jump stop, around your man (pawn), right hand without board from in front of the basket.
  • Row B, half number of players. Right side of the court.
  • 1st pawn cross dribble left/right, 2nd pawn reverse dribble, 3rd pawn 2x through legs.
  • The worker moves about 4 metres in front of the declarer in a defensive position, i.e. slightly through the knees.
  • The worker catches and throws the ball with one hand, then 'slides' in the opposite direction.
  • The thrower catches and throws the ball with the other hand and moves back.
  • The exercise is always performed in a defensive position and therefore puts a lot of strain on the upper leg muscles.
  • Pay attention to good catching and throwing while 'hurting'.
  • As an exercise, play basketball while walking, but have the ball passed to the inside hand and throw with it.
  • Pay attention to the shift of the body weight on the inside leg and the correct crossing of the other leg before throwing.