Basketball drills for all skills

  • The players give each other difficult balls.
  • Throwing in such a way that one has to make an effort to catch with one hand.
  • At knee height, slightly past the body, slightly above the head.
  • The ball is caught with the left, passed to the right and thrown with the right.
  • The ball will start to spin like a 'figure eight'.
  • After 20 times catching with the right, transferring to the left and throwing with the left, the ball will start spinning.
  • Opposite players.
  • Players throw the ball with one hand and catch with two hands.
  • Practise 25 times with the right and 25 times with the left.
  • The worker walks at about 5 meters distance to the left and right of the declarer,
  • The handler throws with two hands when the worker is at the turning point.
  • Make sure the ball is thrown in front of the worker and that the body is turned in before the ball is caught.
  • The turning point can be marked, with experienced players this is not necessary.
  • Experienced players should keep running until the ball is thrown, the declarer has the task of estimating distances.
  • One player is the worker and one player is the declarator.
  • The worker comes running from about 10 meter towards the declarer, the ball is thrown with two hands.
  • The worker stops, catches the ball with two hands, throws it back with two hands and walks back to starting position.
  • Perform the exercise ten times and then change tasks.
  • The players throw the ball alternately high, low, with a bounce or at chest height.

  • Have the players stand a little closer together and throw up with a bounce.
  • As an exercise throw and catch, but the ball is played at knee height.
  • Pay particular attention to the pins, which are a little closer together and point to the ground.

  • As exercise throw and catch, but pass the ball a little higher, not so high that you have to jump, so just above the head.
  • Pay special attention to the catching and the position of the thumbs, a little closer together than in exercise 1.
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