Basketball drills for all skills

  • Czech Square
    • Chest pass.
    • Bouncepass.
    • Push pass.
    • Overhead pass.
  • Show us where you want the ball!
  • Passing in such a way that the receiver does not have to hold back, but can simply run on.

  • There are still too many players who haven't mastered the two-count rhythm yet!
  • Right layups
    • Pay attention to the 2-count rhythm. (push off with the right leg)
    • Upper hand layups.
    • Underhand lyups.
  • Left layups
    • Pay attention to 2-count rhythm (right leg drop off, shoot the ball with the left (or two hands)).
    • Upper hand layups.
    • Underhand lyups.
  • Everyone a ball and distribute along the length of the field.
    • Dribble back and forth (jump stop, pivot across, or keep dribbling)
  • Variations:
    • Dribble left back, right back.
    • Tap lines along the way.
    • On the way 5x push ups, 10 abs, 30 sec taps.
    • Low dribble (fast left/right), high dribble with hop, backwards.
    • Between legs, behind the back, turn on axis.
  • Stationary:
    • Through legs (step out, dribble, step back), 8-step low dribble.
  • Rows of 5-6 men, 2 per basket, 1 ball per row.
  • Throw ball against the board, next player catches and throws again immediately against the board.
  • U12-2 must catch ball in the air.


  • Breaking free, learning in/out, 5 out (keep moving).
  • Free with defender, receive ball and score.
  • 2x2, also possible with 3x3, 4x4 (vests), trainer passes (or good player).

  • All players are spread over the playing area.
  • One player starts as the "hunter" and one player as the "prey".
  • The "hunter" tries to catch the "prey".
  • The "prey" can escape by running away or lying down next to another player.
  • This player now becomes the "hunter" and the old "hunter" becomes the "prey".
  • First has no ball
  • Rest in the back with the ball
  • 1 person without ball under goal.
  • Layup
  • 1 step UP
  • In bucket shooting
  • 1 dribble shooting
  • Shooting
  • Quick shooting
  • When?
  • When there is high pressure on the ball carrier + full denial from the defender on the forward.
  • 3T0
  • Option 1: backdoor from blue
  • Option 2: Fill the spot - drive or shooting from red
  • Option 3: Drive after backdoor pass from white
  • Option 4 drive and pass to blue for shot
  • Then in 3T3 and apply.
  • Arm's length distance -
  • Player is unprecedented/general good
  • Poet
    • Shot is good
    • Drive is less
    • HIGH so do not give shot
  • Further
    • Shot is not good
    • Drive is strong
    • LOW still hand up!
  • General
    • Forearm
    • No reaching
    • No step slide!
    • Ball is on forward man is on top with defender in closed denail
    • Watch out for backdoor