Basketball drills for all skills



players must master the layup at full speed

on a stray ball and be able to finish the next 1 against 1


  • the trainer stands in the middle of the bucket and has the ball
  • Two players on the elbow are only allowed to look straight ahead.
  • trainer passes between the players
  • they may only move when they see the ball
  • the player who captures the ball scores on the opposite basket
  • the other player tries to prevent this
  • the coach makes his passes so hard that the players have to sprint to keep the ball in.
  • n.b. the defender must not make any mistakes due to the risk of injuries

Teaching points:

  • speed of action
  • do not let the defender distract you


  • have players start sitting or lying down
  • Put two players next to each other on the elbow, or with their backs against each other. Then play 2 against 2
  • machine gun at players' elbows
  • We're gonna dribble!
  • Dribble the ball from left to right.
  • With feints in between. High. Low. Fast and slow.
  • Look closely at the options you have.


  • The planet Saturn is the planet with the rings.
  • So can you guess how the Saturn exercise goes?
  • Spin the ball around your left leg, your right leg and around both legs.
  • There is no dribbling involved, but this exercise is very good for your hand-eye coordination.
  • There are rows of players on both sidelines.
  • The front player of each row has a basketball.
  • These players dribble to the sideline on the other side and play the ball with a bounce pass to the second player in the row who is now automatically in front.
  • The first player closes in behind and the second player now dribbles across.
  • The players practise the overhead pass (with 2 hands, from above the head) and vary the distance
  • Players stand in a circle with 1 player in the middle.
  • One player starts and throws the ball with a chest pass to the player in the middle.
  • Then the first player runs after the ball to the middle.
  • The player in the middle throws the ball to the next player in the circle and then runs after them etc.
  • The players stand in a circle and pass the ball to each other.
  • They are free to choose who they throw to and which pass variant they use.
  • To make the exercise more difficult more basketballs can be used.
  • The players stand around the bucket or on the free throw line and try to score in the basket.
  • Vary their position and distance.
  • Players dribble from the center line to the free throw line and try to score from there within 5 seconds.
  • Two players throw the ball to each other, the ball may bounce.
  • To make it more difficult the bouncing can be omitted.
  • Also vary the distance.
  • The players stand in a circle and throw the ball to each other.
  • They are not allowed to touch the ground.
  • Try this with a player in the middle who is trying to intercept.
  • If the ball is intercepted, the player who threw the ball stands in the middle.


  • The players bounce the ball on the spot.
  • Make sure the hand is always on the ball so the ball is pushed down (so not hit down).
  • The players sink through their knees so they are low to the ground and the ball bounces faster.
  • Then the players stretch their knees again. Repeat several times.
  • The players dribble through each other, changing direction all the time so that they are criss-crossing each other.
  • The players must try not to touch each other.
  • The players try to guide the ball along a route whilst dribbling.
  • For example slalom around cones or over benches (at your own discretion).
  • Divide the players into two groups.
  • The group without the ball tries to tap the player in the other group with the ball.
  • As soon as they have touched the player with the ball, the ball is theirs.
  • The player with the ball therefore tries to pass the ball on to a teammate as quickly as possible.
  • Touching someone with a ball gives a point. The team that scores ten points first wins.
  • They are simple but fun basketball games for children with a number of advantages:
    • The children get more ball feeling
    • The children learn how to aim the basketball
    • The children learn to dribble well
    • The children develop team spirit and learn to work together
    • The children move in the indoor gym or on the outdoor sports field

Ideal for training, lessons and fun activities.


  • Set up a course with running boards, bridges, hoops and cones and have the kids dribble down the course.
  • You can make it as difficult as you like. The child who completes the course in the shortest time wins.


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