Basketball drills for all skills


  • Players in a circle arm in arm. In the middle pawns,
  • Try to get the other to a cone by pulling.
  • Try to get the other against a pawn by pulling.
  • At 5 points you get a penalty and you have to push the other one.
  • In a field of nine squares the aim is to make 3 in a row (butter, cheese and eggs).
  • Two teams have a pair of 2 players ready.
  • One runs to a square to occupy it, the other dribbles through the pawns and plays the ball to the square.
  • Only when the ball is received in the box it may remain there.
  • When both players of the team have run back, the next two may play.


  • there are 3 tickers.
  • The other players bounce to the center line,
  • the taggers try to tap the ball away.
  • Line up the kids in two lines,
  • encourage powerful passes,
  • Whoever gets 25 passes first sits on the ground.
    • Powerful passes, both chest and bounce.
  • three groups of two per basket
  • try to make qualitatively equal pairs
  • How?
    • 1 pair in front, 2 in forward positions
    • take turns making a drive, alternating attack/defence
    • First of the pair to have 5 points, wins.


players must be able to run a lay up from a bounce pass

Goal: learn
how to punish the overplaying of the forward by an aggressive defense


  • guard dribbles up from behind the centre circle
  • at the same moment the centre 4 comes to the elbow
  • and player 3 sprints to the pawn
  • 1 passes to 4 with a bounce pass
  • 3 sprints to the basket with a sharp change of direction and speed
  • and receives the bounce pass from 4


  • 4 grabs the rebound
  • and takes the ball on the back line
  • 3 goes to defend the inbound pass
  • when 9 receives the ball, 7 takes position at the sideline for the next inbound pass
  • 4 and 5 do not rotate but take turns.
  • 1 joins the line behind the pawn
  • 9 passes the ball to 8 and joins the row behind it


  • 1 pretends he is going to put a screen away on the weak side, but cuts to 4 for a hand off
  • takes the shot
  • OR plays pick and roll with 4

Teaching Points:

  • Sprint to the pawn: when passing, you as the attacker must take the defender well outside the three-point line to make enough space for the backdoor.
  • 1 has to feint immediately after the pass to be in time for the hand off.


series of exercises to train postural muscles

  • hip crossover
  • scorpion
  • one-hundred
  • left hand on right knee, right hand on right ankle, left leg extended (15 cm off the ground), shoulders off the ground -> change: right hand on left knee, left hand on left ankle, right leg extended. Calm movement!
  • On hands/knees (shoulders - torso - legs rectangle). Turn right leg and right arm up towards the ceiling, hips together. From here, turn back, dog pose, swing left leg up, back to hands/knees. Repeat! Idem left.
  • Side posture, upper leg stretched back, upper arm stretched forward. Bring hand to knee and stretch again. Repeat! Same as on the other side.
  • Sit on right hip, right hand on the ground. From here up with left leg stretched towards ceiling and back again. Repeat! Same as left side.
  • plank posture. From there, move foot by foot next to your hand and back again. Order: first right first, then left first (alternately).
  • give each other the right arm and bend your knees in a sitting position.
  • idem left arm



  • Two pairs shake hands in a crossed position (see photo) and kneel down in the sitting position.



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