Basketball drills for all skills



  • players must already have good dribbling skills

Using penetration to play the defender out of position and create a jump shot and use backup dribble to create space if that fails


  • the four positions are always one metre outside the three-point line.
  • always penetrate with the right hand on the right side of the helpline, on the left with the left hand.
  • player 1 dribbles in hard with his right hand
  • Switches hands under the buttocks at the bucket's edge
  • and goes with a backup dribble with the left hand to the next position
  • passes under the buttocks and with right again dribbles in hard
  • to the third position with backup left and directly dives in with left again
  • from the last position stop at the bucket's edge and take a jump shot

Teaching points:

  • Always go in hard
  • Keep body between ring and ball during backup
  • Head right to overlook the whole width of the field.
  • do not penetrate further than the bucket rim.
  • dribble backwards to one meter outside the three-point line.


  • start on the other side
  • Finish with rocker step, fade away etc.
  • retreat instead of backup, i.e. jump backwards with two feet when breaking the penetration, then pass under the buttocks
  • between the legs instead of under the buttocks
  • The teacher selects 2 taggers.
  • They have to stay within their box (within the 4 pilons) and tap the basketballs away from the runners if they want to cross.
  • So the runners have to dribble to the other side without losing their basketball.
  • If a runner doesn't have the basketball with him, he is finished and automatically becomes a tagger.
  • A tip you can give to the runners is that they shield the ball with their body.
  • This means keeping your body between the ball and the opponent.
  • The runners are not allowed to cross again until everyone has tapped or reached the other side.
  • In the end, as the game progresses, you get more and more taps and fewer runners.
  • The last remaining runner is the winner.



  • Lift knee, leave other leg straight
  • Changing legs at pilon
  • With 1 leg: lift heel and knee, leave other leg straight
  • Changing legs at pilon
  • Bend through the knees, arms move along
  • Passing movements while running


Dribble forward with ball

  • Keep the ball in front of you and run / lift knees and heels / lift knees
  • Hold ball above your head and slide / crosspass
  • Keep the ball in front of you, make a big step forward and bend through your knees to an angle of about 90°. (Lunges)
  • 2 or 4 teams (1 or 2 fields)
  • Each team has 1 ball and is at the head of the bucket
  • Take turns shooting
  • If you score then you may go to the other basket to shoot a free throw
  • Is it touching, it is 1 point.
    • At 5 points the team has won
  • Possibly you can turn it into a conditioning training
  • When a shot is missed
  • There must then be run to the back line and back 
  • A runs in and (runs or around his/her axis and passes the ball to B or gives a sliding flat to B).
  • B takes the ball open and gives a weighted push (a push that stops rolling) in the course of player C
  • C takes the ball and accelerates to the pilons line without stopping or slowing it down (hip just in front of the left foot is the easiest way to do this) C the ball in the course of Player D 
  • Player D runs through the ball and takes the ball strongly. He runs through one gives a backhand pass (FINGERS SPREAD) to E 
  • Player E takes the ball at once and gives a bouncing ball in the course of F that takes and scores!
  • Differentiation:
    • Player A must give a slide on B (let the ball slide off your stick)
    • Persist: you are chasing your ball
  • Starting at the rear line
    • Here you dribble between the cones
    • Keep the ball low
    • Speed is not so important
    • Do control the ball
  • At the center line make a cros over to the wing
  • Then make a jump shot

  • Get ready for the free throw with rebounders. 
    • 1 person shoots the free throw
  • Rebounders try to catch the ball:
  • Attack gets the ball trying to score on the same basket
  • Defense catches the ball, tries to score on the opposite basket
  • If a bucket is made, the scoring team may take a free throw.
  • Two teams
    • 1 team will slide into the bucket, everyone has a number (front to back)
    • Other team is going to stand at the 3 point line
  • I pass the ball to someone and then everyone in the bucket will box out someone from outside the bucket. 
  • Pay attention: 
    • Agree who defends whom.
    • If you box out, make contact first and then turn open
  • If the defending team has caught the ball, it can start attacking
  • Each score one point, team that has 3 points first.