Basketball drills for all skills

  • Distribute over 2 baskets
    • Ball bouncing straight up
    • Run to the center line and back
    • Then shoot ball
    • 2x from any spot and then move one spot through
  • Pass the 1st part through the legs without dribbling
  • 2nd part with dribbling, stay low and then shoot away for the lay-up
  • Goal: stay low (this way you can move quickly past your defender)
  • 3 laps
  • Purpose:
    • Reaction speed and 1 against 1 
  • Assignment:
    • Divide the players into pairs and give them one number per pair. 
    • When the trainer says a number, the players with that number sprint to the center as fast as possible, grab the basketball and dribble to basket for 1 to 1.
    • They get only 1 attempt to score. After their goal attempt, the ball goes back to the trainer. 
  • You can also call several numbers at once for 2 against 2, 3 against 3 etc.
  • 5 x 2 free throws = 10 free throws
  • Standard 50% = 5 hits out of 10
    • 5 or more points: standard achieved!
    • 4 points: jump 20 times as high as possible every time
    • 3 points: 40 x jump
    • 2 points: 40 x jump + 15 sit ups
    • 1 point: 40 x jumping + 30 sit ups
    • 0 points: 40 x jump + 40 sit ups

  • Numbers opposite each other. 
  • Increasing distance slowly.
    • Pass with 1 hand up on 1 hand teammate.
    • Catch with 1 hand and throw back. Continue until ball falls. 
    • Alternate right/left.
  • As soon as this runs. 
    • Two numbers left and right midcourt. 
    • Throw with 1 hand, catch, pass with same hand on cutting player for lay-up.
    • Left/right alternate.
  • Twos: 
  • 3x10 shots. 
  • Shot outside the bucket player A, player B rebound.
  • Player A runs to midcourt.
  • Touches line with hand comes back gets the pass.
  • Shot. 10x. 
  • Then switch. 
  • 2nd time e.g. to sideline, 3rd time back line.


This drill is meant to let the players work on speed, condition and a bit of footwork:

Start in corner A;

  • The player will run in a row making sure that the fastest man/woman is in front, so that he sets the pace and can take the rest of the group with him.
  • From point A the players will run over the blue line to the back line, then they make slides over the back line (the green line) until the bucket line, then they run backwards over the red line to the other back line, slides over the green line forward run over the blue line and again slides over the green line and backwards run over the red line.
  • Then slides over the whole back line to point A.
  • Every time you pass point A the exercise starts again, determine the number of repetitions according to the condition of the team and build it up as the training progresses.
  • After a while you could also hang on to the exercise for example within 40 sec. 1 time. Are you too late? Push-ups, sit-ups etc.

On the picture below:

Blue = run forward

Green = slides

Red = Run backwards


Please note:

- with the slides, bend the knees, the important thing is that the movement is fast but above all is made good;

- let the players start with a few second intervals, especially when walking backwards they will get in each other's way;

- when running backwards look forward, as if you are looking at the man you are defending;

- that the lines are not cut off.

  • 1 player represents 4 other players
  • 1 player passes the ball and passes it to the freeman
  • If the pass departs from the fixed pass, the other ball may leave for the fixed pass
  • 2 attackers on the wing position and 1 defender under the basket
  • The attacker with the ball gives a signal the defender chooses either the person with the ball or the other
  • If he chooses the person with the ball, the attacker passes the ball to the free person.
  • If he chooses the person without the ball, the striker with the ball will go straight to the goal
  • Finish with a layup or shot