Basketball drills for all skills


Two rows on the centerline, 1 player in the corner on the baseline (the compass).

Starting with right layups:

  • Ball is at the proposal player in the right row.
  • First player in left row runs to the front
  • Player with the ball passes the ball to the player in the left row
  • Player in left row makes a jump stop
  • Player in right row touches sideline at freeworking line and makes a cut to the basket.
  • Player with the ball passes at the right time (other player asks for the ball) to another player
  • Player right row makes lay-up.
  • Player from left row catches the ball and passes to the player in the corner (ball may not hit the ground!).
  • Player in the corner passes ball to next player in the row
  • Receiver becomes player in the corner

Everyone has a basketball and 1 tennis ball:

  • Dribble with the tennis ball (do not use basketball)
  • Dribble -> toss the tennis ball and catch it
  • Dribble -> drop tennis ball -> take back the tennis ball above your hand in a quick movement.
  • Dribble -> throw tennis ball up briefly -> take back the tennis ball with your upper hand in a fast movement.
  • Dribble -> drop tennis ball -> crossover dribble -> take back tennis ball above hand in a fast movement
  • Dribble -> throw up tennis ball -> crossover dribble -> catch tennis ball before it falls to the ground
  • Dribble -> throw up tennis ball against the wall -> catch tennis ball again

Without ball (3x)

  • Sprint & close-out
  • Step-slide
  • Back jogging 
  • Concept
    • The defense focuses between man and target and pushes the attacker to his weak hand
  • Positioning
    • Ball - You - Basket : Ready - Point - Stick aimed at the weak hand
    • The heel toe position can best be compared to a closed position
  • Ready position, "Nose in Chest" on an attacker who has the ball, you have one foot in front, and the hand on the same side.
  • Point position, "Digging the Ball" when the attacker starts a dribble.
  • One hand on the ball and one hand next to the head to prevent the pass.
  • Stick position, "Mirror the Ball" when the attacker stops his dribble and picks up the ball.

everyone a ball, set up in large circle. 

Trainer shows exercise, players perform the exercise afterwards:

  • Spread, roll the ball in an 8-shape between the legs (then dribble)
  • Turn the ball around your waist, head legs (change direction)
  • Dribble with left, right, change hands
  • Make the whole group dribble evenly (rhythm-exercise, all in time!)
  • Dribble between your legs
  • Dribble behind your back
  • Make a shot movement up (extend arm, reposition, catch)
  • Spreading position (move the ball in 8-shape without touching the ground)
  • 2 balls (at the same time, alternately)
  • Reverse left/right (first forward, then backward)
  • Between your legs (walk forward, 1x between your legs)
  • Practicing lay-up and lay back, both right and left
  • Run along 1 side with ball to goal
  • follow the other side, rebound
  • Connect to another row after execution
    • layup right
    • lay-back right
    • layup links
    • lay-back links
  • B passes the ball to C 
  • B runs until cone receives the ball
  • B scores layout
  • B connects to row C
  • C passes the ball back to row B
  • C is going to take the rebound from B 
  • C goes to row A
  • A passes the ball to B 
  • A connects to row B
  • A runs to middle and close out
  • B step slide to angle to base line
  • C runs to middle
  • D step slide to other sideline
  • Take E ball and dribble until cone
  • F finishing with lay up
  • G escape dribble
  • H walk ball above head and put it in the basket
  • I runs to end line
  • A Jumping with 2 legs through the hoops
  • B sprint to the cone and close out
  • C look over shoulder and walk back to center line
  • D back paddle to half cikel in the bucket
  • E,close out free throw lin
  • F step slide to sideline,