Basketball drills for all skills

  • A row with ball at the head of the bucket.
  • A row behind the free throw line on the right.
  • Player on the head passes the ball to the forward on the side.
  • The forward makes a strong drive to the triangle (defender), passes the ball out to the forward on weakside.
  • The forward makes a strong drive to the basket.
  • The player in front and the other forward who has passed go for the rebound.
  • A line with the ball at the head of the bucket.
  • A row behind the free throw line on the right.
  • A row of the same but on the left.
  • Centers + Guards + Forwards
  • Starting from U14
  • 6 or more players 
  • 1 ball
  • two baskets


  • Mastering the basics of a break 


  • break training in a competitive situation 


  • 2 teams with different shirt colors
  • the players all run around the circle
  • as soon as the coach shoots they're gonna rebound
  • the team that captures the ball runs a break on the other side (no shot within 5 seconds = push up + take out other team on the back line)
  • after score or defensive rebound the other team runs a break back

Teaching Points:

  • outlet position and pass
  • flyer on the other side at full speed away
  • execute at top speed
  • After score, take in position immediately with overhead pass


  • two teams arranged alternately in 2 rows
  • the players tip the ball to each other via the board (jumping and tipping like a tip in)
  • and connect to the back of the other row
  • at the signal of the coach, the team that is currently picking up the ball runs a break
  • on the other basket
  • the other team defends
  • (with an odd number, the largest team always attacks and there is automatically an excess situation)
  • Two rows at the centerline
  • The first two have a ball - Right
  • From the center line you dribble to the basket:
    • Layup (15x hit in a row, a player under the basket catches the ball and counts, play again if the player didn't count)
    • Shots from bucket (7 in a row)
  • The player under the basket starts when the dribbler starts.
  • Coach goes further and further back.
  • players start at the level of the middle line, 3 rows
  • middle player has the ball
  • 4 groups of players in each corner of the field.
  • 4 cones in the center circle
  • 2 balls on each sideline
    • player sprints to the cone
    • defence slide to sideline
    • running backwards (looking over shoulder to ring)
    • then the next player starts.
    • In a next step, after the defence slides, the player picks up the ball and finishes with lay-up. 
      • Take rebound and pass to next in line. 
      • player then dribbles to the cone and outside. 
      • Put the ball down there and then sprint back to baseline.
    • Then the exercise starts again.

  • Player blue passes to red and sprints to red for a close-out. 
  • Player red tries to get into the "paint" to score. 
  • Player blue is going to try to prevent this.
  • Either blue can steal the ball 
    • point for blue
  • Either red can score
    • point for red
  • After a possible goal is score, red takes rebound, passes to the next in line. 
  • Blue goes to the position of red.
    The exercise now starts again with the next players.
  • Player A takes a shot at goal and player B catches.
  • Player B takes a shot at goal and player A catches.
  • For 1 minute and goals scored is the number of total points.
  • Player is explained shooting technique. 
  • Practicing over distance on the field. 
  • Pay attention to technique and the curve of the ball. After 10 practice throws in the field, the first player slides into the ring.
  • 1 Player stands in the first hoop and shoots. If it's in, it's 1 point, player moves to the second hoop and shoots , 2 points if it's scored. 
  • If it's not scored, then move to 1 hoop closer. If it's scored, move to the 3rd hoop.
  • If you score the 3rd hoop, you get 3 points and you may stay and shoot again. 
  • Max score is: 1-2-3-3-3-3-3-3=27 points.
  • Under the basket is a teammate who rebounds and passes the ball back to the shooter. 
  • After 10 attempts, shooter and rebounder change positions. 10 attempts again
  • Remember your score. 
  • After one session (10 throws each) these players go to the field to practice and move up the line. 
  • When everyone has finished, compare scores.
  • Points of attention: shooting technique, rebound action, (shooter ask for the ball) and passing technique.