Basketball drills for all skills

  • 4 things you can do after passing:
    • Ball-screen.
    • Screen away.
    • Cut to the basket (example: give and go, or back-cut). Back cut if the defender is denying the pass.
    • V-cut and pop back outside for the return pass and outside shot.
  • Rules without the ball:
    • If you have an under-play (defender sagging off), pop out to spread the defense.
    • If you have an overplay (being denied), backcut.
    • Someone dribbling at you, backcut (except for the weave plays).
    • Fill the open spot when a teammate cuts inside.
    • When someone dribble-penetrates, relocate.
    • Screen away, and pop out.
    • The most important rule is to keep moving.

3 players, 2 balls

  • 2 shoot, 1 goes out, rebound, and pass
  • Same, but now go to your strength, and shoot
  • Same but now go to your cross


  • Call names, call for ball => don't pass if they don't call your name
  • Be ready! Tripple threat
  • Step into the shot
  • Game speed, over exagerate
  • Row players 3-point line. 
  • Ball 2nd player etc.
  • Defender under the basket.
  • First player runs to defender. Quick post-up, receives pass/keep ball high. NO DRIBBLE!
  • Passive defense, finish.
    1. Fake left, finish right.
    2. Step to left with left foo,than cross step with same foot/pivot and finish right.
    3. One dribble........
  • 5 players. 
  • 3 Offense. 
  • 2 Defense. (Well executed) 
  • Extra defender on passer
  • A passes to B. 
  • B looks for the post up from C. 0,5 sec. 
    • If not. C moves to opposite site/duncker spot.
  • B goes one on one. 
  • But B cutting is extra option. 
  • 2 chances. 
  • If well executed every time. 
  • Extra defender on A.
  • Than it's 3 on 3, where A can be open for the shot when B drives..
  • 3 players on baseline. 
  • Middle one wth ball. 
  • Weave to midcourt and back.score. 
  • Two baskets.
  • 3 guys outside 3-point line. 
  • Pass/Dribble right, move right.
  • Pass the ball to moving player when he is outside again. 
  • (Pure for the drill, insidelay-up is goal 1)
  • (Defenders can be added later.
  • Offense with ball. 
  • Dribble to the basket. (First practise this with 3 with defense.
  • Then with 5. Pos. 5 is dunkerspot.
  • Play/move/dribble right/ Move right.
  • Shooting drill to move to the free spot against defense. 
    • See fig.1
  • Two-somes. 
    • A passes to B down low. 
    • A, moves to a spot, see fig 1. 
    • Interchange every time.
    • B passes to A. 
    • A takes the shot. 
    • B rebounds. 
    • A returns to starting position and gets pass from B.
    • From the top. 
    • 10 shots, 
    • than change position.

Parcour passing, moving, finishing