Basketball drills for all skills



  • paste technique


  • There is one ticker without the ball and two players without the ball.
  • Whoever has the ball cannot be tapped without it.
  • The ball may be held for a maximum of ten counts.
  • If the scapegoat intercepts a ball, the ball is out of the game.
  • Change the scapegoat regularly
  • Depending on the amount of players adjust the size of the field.
  • Running outside is not allowed.


  • Free running, searching for space
  • Movement
  • The joy of playing

Teaching points

  • Passing technique, running free and filling space
  • Ball must reach other player, otherwise also out
  • Dribble!



  • Knowing defensive stance / attacking principle of in-out.


  • Coach gives pass on spot one (only attack after four passes/four swings)
  • Attacker at spot two and three
  • In/out move
  • First part of the exercise 1vs1; second part 2vs2
  • Passing on: offense becomes defense, defense connects and steps in as offense afterwards (stay on same side)


  • Teach correct defensive position (denial + help defense)

Teaching points:

  • Quickly change position when the ball changes sides, read defenses as attackers (backdoor)
  • In/out to the bucket, when defending short, get out to 1m outside 3pt line and use backdoor option, jump to the ball as defender


  • Some game insight at fill the spot, be able to apply defensive stance (denail - helpside)


  • offence: quickly see where there is an empty spot and cut through after a pass, defence: adjust stance according to how the ball is moving


  • 4 players (U10) on a spot with defence, empty spot under the ring.
  • Offence: pass the ball around and make a quick cutting move towards the empty spot below the ring, other attackers move up and the empty spot is filled in by the cutting attacker.
  • Defence: adjust position according to the ball. (hands on the ball, denail, weakside help on the line ring-ring)
  • 5 passes (calmly), then 4vs4
  • Passing on: offence becomes defence, defence steps out and then becomes offence
  • Possibly start with passive defence (hands on back) depending on players' level.

teaching points

  • Offence: good pass - in/out to deep bucket and high stepping out - placement of feet - attention to mistakes.
  • Defence: anticipate the ball - check correct posture per spot before passing - jump-to-the-ball


Three teams line up one ball on the back line.

  • Coach throws ball against the board (if he scores take it)
  • Middle player picks up rebound and chooses an outlet side
  • Outlet at speed to head of the bucket on the other side, matching player cuts behind the outlet.
  • Fill three lanes, possibly add defenders to make it harder (pick up two players from the center line, or rebound more first)
  • From the middle line 1-1.
  • Defender has a limited area (pylons) in which he can defend.
  • Attacker finishes with free lay-up (must go in or push up).

Start under basket, 2 players pass back and forth in the run to center passage center line in man with ball the attacker and goes full dribble to basket. Other player is defender and has to get in front of the man and defend.

  • Players stand in two lines at the height of the free throw line.
  • Everyone has a ball except the first person of one of the lines.
  • The player without the ball enters the free throw line and receives the pass -> pivot -> crossover/open-step -> lay-up/shot
  • The player takes his own rebound and joins the other row.
  • For fitness this is a good exercise:
  • The group has to line up and you let them start dribbling slowly.
  • As soon as the trainer blows the whistle, the last one in line should run forward.
  • Do this until everyone has run and then let them finish the circle.

Assume the correct position after intake, rebound or score

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