Basketball drills for attack / offense

  • 2 attackers on the wing position and 1 defender under the basket
  • The attacker with the ball gives a signal the defender chooses either the person with the ball or the other
  • If he chooses the person with the ball, the attacker passes the ball to the free person.
  • If he chooses the person without the ball, the striker with the ball will go straight to the goal
  • Finish with a layup or shot
  • Starting 2 player on baseline
  • Spurts to the cone and do step slide to next cone
  • The first player to take the ball does speed dribble to the other side to score. 
  • The other player becomes defender


  • Basket insight into positional play, knowledge of feint movements


  • learn to move in attack and fill the free spot


  • 5 spots
  • 1 player / spot (U10 4 players, U12 5 players)
    • Position 1 passes to position 2, 
    • Feint and cut through towards the basket. 
    • Meanwhile position 3 takes the place of position 1 and position 5 takes the place of position 3. 
    • Cutting player takes place of position 5 (= spot released). 
    • Perform automatically 5 passes and then score via lay-up or jump-shot.

Teaching Points

  • Good chest/bounce pass, 
  • Quick cut with feint (angular), 
  • Open spot fill up, 
  • Get ball = in shooting position watch basket first before passing.


Set up 3x3. Ball in the middle, no dribbles. 

  • Player with ball must pivot and protect ball. 
  • Players without ball must run free, 
  • Defenders splitvision to intercept the ball
  • Pay attention to a good fit
  • Set up players: 
    • 1 with ball on the head (pos 1/white), 
    • 1 in position 2 or 3 (blue), 
    • The rest on 4 or 5 (same side as the forward, red). 
    • A defender or pilon somewhere around the free throw line or closer to 1 (is the defender of 1)
  • White passes to blue and immediately makes a cutting movement. 
    • Feint to the left and cut across the defender
  • Blue passes the ball to white in its movement and takes position 1. 
    • First of red fills in the position of blue.
  • White scores with the ball and the ball goes back to the new player in position 1. 
    • White follows red and becomes the last player in the red row.
  • The exercise starts again.

forward-3-options-quarter-field-back-door forward-3-options-quarter-field-back-door 


Players must be able to perform a layout from a bounce pass


Learn how to create forward scoring opportunities for yourself


4 players / quarter field, other players wait in center circle. Move over: offence becomes defence, defence goes out + new offence

The helpline is out: you can play with two groups of four on a basket and force the players not to use the space where the help is in the game.

(first perform the exercise several times without defense)

  • guard dribbles up from the center circle
  • at the same time, 2 makes a V-cut
  • if 2 gets free, pass and 1 v 1
  • if defender overshoots 4, then continue the V-cut to at least a meter
  • above the three-point line and sprint backwards for the backdoor pass 
  • and play 1 v 1
  • All score out of:
    • backdoor
    • 1 v 1 from the wing

Mtm offense

  • If you don't manage to pass to 2, 2 will sprint to the centre circle and get the pass of 1. 
  • The cycle then starts again from the front, but now with 1 at the forward position.

Teaching Points:

  • if you can see your defender's shoulder in the pass line at the V-cut, then there is overplay.
  • and you have to take the defender up to at least a metre above the three-point line towards the sideline
  • sprint at full speed as you go backdoor
  • the backdoor pass is mostly one-handed, from the dribble with a flat bounce
  • Two rows on the side at the height of the center line. 
  • Ball is on one side, attacker decides when he leaves and runs to the middle line, which he must cross all the way. 
  • The defender also departs but only has to touch the centre circle. 
  • Aim of the exercise is to come in front of the attacker as a defender. 
  • When a goal is made, 3 push-ups for the defender, a miss is 3 push-ups for the attacker.


  • With 3 men on the back line and the middle one has a ball.
  • The middle one passes to a man and chases the ball.
  • The receiver keeps the ball behind him and the one who passed first takes the ball and passes on.
  • The person who has the ball behind his back runs behind the ball, picks it up at the receiver and passes on to the other side.
  • They do this while running to the basket on the other side.
  • If someone is close enough to the basket, the man plays a lay-up.
  • Make variations on the passing lines


  • Consider the pilons as the defense (players can also be used for this). 
  • Player 1 (white runs) towards player blue. 
  • Halfway through the run, player blue runs behind his defender and asks for the ball. 
  • Player white passes to blue. 
  • As soon as player blue catches the ball, player red sprints away behind his defender. 
  • As soon as player red catches the ball player 2 sprints away from white behind his defender. 
  • The makes the circle go round. This is an active exercise in which timing, passing and catching are a crucial part. 
  • Because everyone is busy, this is also conditionally a good drill. 
  • With younger players the distance between pilons is shorter. 

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