Basketball drills for attack / offense

  • Set-up. Two equal lines.
  • The first player in each line DOES NOT have a basketball.
  • The Activity - begins with the first player in line making a "V-Cut" at the baseline and pops back out to about 12 feet away from the basket and calls for the ball by showing ten fingers to player #2.
  • Player #2 passes the ball to player #1.
  • Player #1 shoots and gets his own rebound.
  • Player #1 then goes to the back of the line giving his ball to #4.
  • Since player#2 gave his ball to player #1, he now makes a V-cut to the baseline and the activity repeats itself.
  • Coaching Points- Catch and square up to the basket.
  • Set-up.
  • Two lines facing the basket.
  • One line is the Layup line, the other line is the rebounding line.
  • First two players in the playup line have a basketball.
  • The drill - First player in line with a ball dribbles the ball to shoot a lay-up.
  • Shooter joins rebounding line.
  • Rebounder joins shooting line.
  • Coaching point- Aim ball and push it in small square on the back board.
  • Set-up.
  • Have players line up on the baseline and assign the players numbers.
  • The Drill - the coach rolls or tosses a ball to the center of half court and calls out a number.
  • In this case, #4.
  • The two players assigned #4 attack the basketball, the player the wins the ball first is on offense and tries to score on the basket by the coach.
  • Players are allowed one shot.
  • Variations - Call two numbers.


Full court shooting and running. Condition and shooting

  • Row players 3-point line. 
  • Ball 2nd player etc.
  • Defender under the basket.
  • First player runs to defender. Quick post-up, receives pass/keep ball high. NO DRIBBLE!
  • Passive defense, finish.
    1. Fake left, finish right.
    2. Step to left with left foo,than cross step with same foot/pivot and finish right.
    3. One dribble........
  • 5 players. 
  • 3 Offense. 
  • 2 Defense. (Well executed) 
  • Extra defender on passer
  • A passes to B. 
  • B looks for the post up from C. 0,5 sec. 
    • If not. C moves to opposite site/duncker spot.
  • B goes one on one. 
  • But B cutting is extra option. 
  • 2 chances. 
  • If well executed every time. 
  • Extra defender on A.
  • Than it's 3 on 3, where A can be open for the shot when B drives..
  • 3 players on baseline. 
  • Middle one wth ball. 
  • Weave to midcourt and back.score. 
  • Two baskets.
  • 3 guys outside 3-point line. 
  • Pass/Dribble right, move right.
  • Pass the ball to moving player when he is outside again. 
  • (Pure for the drill, insidelay-up is goal 1)
  • (Defenders can be added later.
  • Offense with ball. 
  • Dribble to the basket. (First practise this with 3 with defense.
  • Then with 5. Pos. 5 is dunkerspot.
  • Play/move/dribble right/ Move right.
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