Basketball drills for attack / offense

  • Post-up in the middle (bucket).
  • Defender lets attacker get in front of him.
  • Post-up (good!!)
  • Attacker receives pass from the head.
  • 1 on 1 (until defender has ball).
  • 5 scores.
  • Then switch.

A) Player with ball and defender on three-point line.
B) Player lay with defender, edge of bucket. Puts screen on ball.

  • A passes, layup, or watches for roll off B to the basket.
  • 2 on 2.
  • Expandable with 2 to 3 attackers/defenders.
  • They then put screen on player without ball.

  • 2 centers next to each other on the free throw line.
  • Passer with ball around 3-point line right or left of bucket.
  • Center on the side of the ball fakes and moves to low.
  • Or they switch spots and other center goes low.
  • One of them popped-out or is free on the header.
  • Other goes to low weakside.
  • Defenders at 2 centers and 1 extra in center bucket.
  • Extendable. (test)
  • Shooting warm-up.
  • Matching pairs starting from the back line to the halfway line.
  • Minimum of 3 passes.
  • When you reach the halfway line, the player on the sideline dribbles to the middle, between the legs, behind the back around the pylon and back to the right.
  • Other player runs to a pylon outside the bucket, runs around it and offers himself for the pass.
  • Then takes the shot.
  • Passer rebounds and passes to other side of court for pairs passing to the other side and lay-up.
  • Ball may not touch ground.
  • Post-up with defender and passer sideline.
  • Post-up middle bucket with full defense.
  • Shooting other basket. Minimum of 4 players.
  • Passer (without ball) low bucket left or right. (Coach).
  • 2 players or three-point line opposite passer.
  • Other players under the basket with ball.
  • Dribble to pilon, spindribble out, open and pass to player at 3-point line.
  • Passes to coach. Makes action to pilon and gets free for shot, pass back from coach, shot, own rebound and pass.

4 or 5 takes ball. With double screen for 1.


3 joins 5 or 4, depends on who takes ball below baseline. Watch your opponent.....! Be smart, think in the field!
3 sets up double screen with 5 (or 4).
1 can cut along here on 2 sides. 3 rolls off to the outside. (Can also get the ball from 4), 5 rolls off to 1 side. Depending on choice of side screen by 1.
2 moves to baseline and comes back to spot for possible shot.

4 or 5, steps into the field. 1 now has shot/lay-up or 3 pass possibilities. 3 provides defensive balance.


  • Center stands with defender on low post with the ball.
    • (4 lines, 2 defense, 2 offense. Swap spots after each shot)
  • Pass to forward.
    • (Passive defense drill)
  • After pass, center runs to three-point line.
    • (Defense defending in the back)
  • Forward pass to center on 3pointline.
  • Cut forward to basket/pass center, hand-off from center, forward over head, over or under.
  • Passive defense. As offense skills increase, passive defense can be converted to active defense.
    • (Connecting exercise to 3-out, 2-in offense).
  • Expansion: 3rd player with defender low pivot weakside.
  • 3 against 3 in triangle.
  • A. 4-6 player left or right on three-point line.
  • B. 4-6 players left or right under the basket with the ball.
  • A runs in, receives pass from B. A makes jump stop. B is in position to pass.
  • Jump-stop A for B. Pivot/rotate around B and score.
  • A. with ball to row B, B to row A. (do not run through exercise, via sideline).
  • 1 or 2 baskets depending on number of players.

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