Basketball drills for attack / offense

  • Fastbreak, ball over midcourt, defender on midcourt touches circle and joins defence.
  • Goal, quick execution fastbreak. (Before 3rd defender joins) 1 try.
  • Row A, 3-point line on baseline.
  • Row B, with ball mid-bucket. Player throws ball against the board.
  • Player A starts running, (the lane), without holding back.
  • B picks up rebound and gives long fastbreak pass.

  • Goal pass so player B can finish directly with 2-count rhythm.
  • Player A makes lay-up and dribbles back via the other side and joins row B.
  • Players B after pass to row A.
  • One on one till midcourt average speed.
  • Goal: Slides defender.
  • From 1m over midcourt.
  • One on ne to the basket. 1 shot.
  • Score by offense, offense stays offense
    • First to 4.
  • 2 against 2 left and right field.
  • Taking turns. (2 baskets, 4x4 players)
  • Plus paasser. (coach)
  • 2 attackers, 2 defenders.

  • Centers/forwards low/high pick, backpick.
  • Watch execution picks.
  • Look for back-door/back-screen.Roll-off after pick.
  • Boxing-out.
  • Score 2 point, stay in offense. Rebound, off or def. 1 point.
  • First team to 10.

  • reaching team-mates who are being defended. in the completion of the fast break.
  • Against slow players.
  • Against long players.
  • Passing to the centre
  • Attacker/defender start just right of midcourt next to each other.
  • Attacker starts on the right.
  • Passer behind (coach if necessary). Lob pass, roll or other.
  • free play on 1 or 2 baskets, depending on the number of players.
  • PURPOSE: Quick passing, cutting, helpside, ballside, boxing-out.
  • First team at 5.
  • Loser push-ups 6.
  • free play on 1 or 2 baskets,
  • depending on the number of players.
  • NO dribbles only passing.


players must master the layup at full speed

on a stray ball and be able to finish the next 1 against 1


  • the trainer stands in the middle of the bucket and has the ball
  • Two players on the elbow are only allowed to look straight ahead.
  • trainer passes between the players
  • they may only move when they see the ball
  • the player who captures the ball scores on the opposite basket
  • the other player tries to prevent this
  • the coach makes his passes so hard that the players have to sprint to keep the ball in.
  • n.b. the defender must not make any mistakes due to the risk of injuries

Teaching points:

  • speed of action
  • do not let the defender distract you


  • have players start sitting or lying down
  • Put two players next to each other on the elbow, or with their backs against each other. Then play 2 against 2
  • machine gun at players' elbows
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