Basketball drills for condition

  • Fastbreak, ball over midcourt, defender on midcourt touches circle and joins defence.
  • Goal, quick execution fastbreak. (Before 3rd defender joins) 1 try.
  • Row A, 3-point line on baseline.
  • Row B, with ball mid-bucket. Player throws ball against the board.
  • Player A starts running, (the lane), without holding back.
  • B picks up rebound and gives long fastbreak pass.

  • Goal pass so player B can finish directly with 2-count rhythm.
  • Player A makes lay-up and dribbles back via the other side and joins row B.
  • Players B after pass to row A.
  • The worker moves about 4 metres in front of the declarer in a defensive position, i.e. slightly through the knees.
  • The worker catches and throws the ball with one hand, then 'slides' in the opposite direction.
  • The thrower catches and throws the ball with the other hand and moves back.
  • The exercise is always performed in a defensive position and therefore puts a lot of strain on the upper leg muscles.
  • Pay attention to good catching and throwing while 'hurting'.
  • As an exercise, play basketball while walking, but have the ball passed to the inside hand and throw with it.
  • Pay attention to the shift of the body weight on the inside leg and the correct crossing of the other leg before throwing.

  • There is a cone 6 metres in front of the declarant.
  • The worker walks to the cone, makes an evasive move and walks backwards.
  • Throw the ball in front of the worker.
  • Immediately play it back, walk to the cone again and swerve in the other direction.
  • Most players will catch the ball with one hand and throw it back, using the outside hand.
  • The players play the ball behind their backs towards each other.
  • As with the pendulum throw, the body is slightly rotated (when thrown with the right, the left shoulder should be closest to the fellow player), keep the distances small in this exercise.
  • Opposite players.
  • Players throw the ball with one hand and catch with two hands.
  • Practise 25 times with the right and 25 times with the left.
  • The worker walks at about 5 meters distance to the left and right of the declarer,
  • The handler throws with two hands when the worker is at the turning point.
  • Make sure the ball is thrown in front of the worker and that the body is turned in before the ball is caught.
  • The turning point can be marked, with experienced players this is not necessary.
  • Experienced players should keep running until the ball is thrown, the declarer has the task of estimating distances.
  • One player is the worker and one player is the declarator.
  • The worker comes running from about 10 meter towards the declarer, the ball is thrown with two hands.
  • The worker stops, catches the ball with two hands, throws it back with two hands and walks back to starting position.
  • Perform the exercise ten times and then change tasks.
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