Basketball drills for condition

  • Make 1 row.
  • Players in the line take turns having a ball.
  • 1st player makes layup, 2nd in lij rebound, both connect behind.
  • Adjustments:
    • Pylon on left or further away.
  • Slalom around the pawns. (low dribble)
  • Over the bank:
    • Low dribble on the ground, cross over.
  • Drive by cones:
    • Dribble with the left and touch each cone with the right.
  • Push-ups/abdominal thrusts on the middle line.
  • Layup.
  • Starting lineup:
    • Form triplets.
    • Two balls per trio.
    • One player in the middle.
    • One player on the baseline with one ball.
    • 1 player on the other baseline with ball.
  • Exercise:
    • Player in the middle sprints to the baseline. (to player with ball).
    • Outside the bucket he/she receives the ball.
    • Makes a jump stop.
    • Shoots.
    • Takes own rebound.
    • Player who passed sprints to the other side.
    • Receives pass.
    • Shoots.
  • Team that gets to 20 scores first, wins.

  • Everyone a ball and distribute along the length of the field.
    • Dribble back and forth (jump stop, pivot across, or keep dribbling)
  • Variations:
    • Dribble left back, right back.
    • Tap lines along the way.
    • On the way 5x push ups, 10 abs, 30 sec taps.
    • Low dribble (fast left/right), high dribble with hop, backwards.
    • Between legs, behind the back, turn on axis.
  • Stationary:
    • Through legs (step out, dribble, step back), 8-step low dribble.
  • Rows of 5-6 men, 2 per basket, 1 ball per row.
  • Throw ball against the board, next player catches and throws again immediately against the board.
  • U12-2 must catch ball in the air.

  • Everyone a ball
    • Outward zigzag dribble around cones
    • Midline backline sprint/dribble
    • Side/slides over the back line
    • Back various commands (Crabwalk, backwards dribble, between the legs)
    • 5x push-ups, abs on midline
    • Finish with lay-up or shot from the hoop
  • Start slowly as a warming-up
  • Then faster and faster (keep distance)
  • Coach lining up on the way back to give different assignments
  • 2 teams
  • Each team an own basket
  • 1 or 2 balls (depending on team size)
  • 1 shooter
  • Rest of the team is rebounder/passer
  • Shooter runs lay-ups from the head
  • Alternating left/right: 7 lay-ups hit
  • Shooter shoots alternately left/right from the bottom of the bucket
  • Then walks to the other side and back again: 5 hits
  • Shooter shoots free throw
  • Then sprints to the midline and back: 3 hits
  • Winner scores point for team
  • Team with fewest points runs suicide
  • Two or three teams
  • Per pair or trio 1 ball
  • 1 shooter,
  • 1 o(f 2) rebounder(s)
    • Shooter shoots (from the free throw line, or lower position)
    • Sprinting to the halfway line
    • Rebounder catches ball
    • Passes ball to shooter (good jump stop, correct distance, call for ball)
    • Shooter total of 5 scores, then new shooter
  • Team of which first all shooters have scored 5 times, wins!
  • Taps
    • All players on the baseline
    • 30 sec taps
    • Sprint to the middle line
    • 30 sec taps
    • Sprint to backline
    • 30 sec taps
  • Slides
    • All players on the baseline
    • In slide position and face to the left (or right)
    • Slides to the other side
    • Until trainer calls GO
    • At GO sprint back to the baseline and make slides to other side
    • Until other baseline
  • Squads
    • All players on back line
    • Facing the middle of the field
    • 10x single squad
    • 10x halfway and through squad
    • 5 times stay deep and only come back up after 5 seconds (slowly!)
  • Lunges
    • Lunge walk to the other side of the hall (slowly!)
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