Basketball drills for defense

  • reaching team-mates who are being defended. in the completion of the fast break.
  • Against slow players.
  • Against long players.
  • Passing to the centre
  • Attacker/defender start just right of midcourt next to each other.
  • Attacker starts on the right.
  • Passer behind (coach if necessary). Lob pass, roll or other.
  • free play on 1 or 2 baskets, depending on the number of players.
  • PURPOSE: Quick passing, cutting, helpside, ballside, boxing-out.
  • First team at 5.
  • Loser push-ups 6.
  • free play on 1 or 2 baskets,
  • depending on the number of players.
  • NO dribbles only passing.
  • The attackers are not allowed to move from their spot.
  • They play the ball around and if they get the chance, they try to score
  • The defenders have to run They try to prevent a goal from being scored
  • When defenders are too static and stand by an attacker, you can do 3 things
    • Or force the defenders to run by telling at least one of them to run towards the attacker with the ball
    • Or tell the attackers they can take 2 steps.
    • Or draw a square on the ground where the attackers can move.
    • After 5 attempts, the defenders change with 2 new defenders.



  • Centers + Guards + Forwards
  • 3 Players
  • 1 ball
  • -a basket
  • -2 Cones

Requirements :

Players must be able to dribble and run a layup

Goal :

  • To finish off an overtime situation in 2-man break.
  • train outlet pass
  • to train running line flyer



  • the defender throws the ball against the board, left or right of the ring
  • the attacker on the side of the board takes the outlet position and asks for the ball.
  • The flyer sprints away towards the middle line.
  • Flyer sprints around the pawn back to the basket.
  • outlet dribbles as fast as possible around the other pawn
  • the passer sprints to the centre circle, but has 1 foot in there and then goes to defend.
  • attackers have 1 goal attempt and max 2 passes.
  • the attacker who misses becomes the defender.

Teaching points

  • the defender NOT to make any unsportsmanlike mistakes
  • defender takes the charge or forces the dribbler to the side of the pitch
  • One person shoots free throws.
  • Two other players stand behind the one who throws the free throw.
    • According to the rules of the game
  • Once the ball is gone the three players go for the rebound.
  • If the person who made the free throw has the ball, he can make another free throw.
  • If he doesn't have the ball, the 2 other players go to the other side of the court to attack, 2 against 1.
  • If attacker is pressured by defender then go to free man, otherwise keep going until lay-up.
  • The next three players get ready to execute the exercise.
  • Players stand ready at the halfway line. The first one has a ball (then 2 without the ball).
    • X1 makes lay-up
    • X2 takes rebound and passes in (after scoring!)
    • X3 runs around the pot and starts defending
    • X1 and X2 attack to the other ring

  • variation: with 5
    • X1 makes lay-up
    • X2 takes rebound and gives in (after score!) to X3
    • X3 dribbles over, X1 and X2 fill in the outer lines.
    • X4 walks around the basket near the baseline and defends.
    • X4 runs around the ball at the halfway line (other side) and defends.
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