Basketball drills for defense

  • three groups of two per basket
  • try to make qualitatively equal pairs
  • How?
    • 1 pair in front, 2 in forward positions
    • take turns making a drive, alternating attack/defence
    • First of the pair to have 5 points, wins.



players on the dribble can defend Â- and can make a pass the length of the field


to practice defending the backfield in the arrowpress Â- to anticipate the pass and always make sure you are in a position to intercept it


  • 4 takes the ball and then does not take part in the game anymore, but counts down the seconds
  • defender 5 applies maximum pressure on the dribbler
  • the defenders can defend all over the field
  • attacker 1 may only act on the defensive half Â- attackers 2 and 3 only on the offensive half
  • after a stop or score, defender 5 takes the ball back for the next round
  • if the attackers score within 10 seconds they have a point Â- if not, it is a point for the defenders Â- the attacker calls if there is a foul on him. Point for the attack.
  • play 5 times in a row with the same defenders
  • 3 new attackers each time.
  • If the defenders make less than 2 stops, they must run.
  • when there are 2 or more stops, all attackers must run.

Teaching points:

defend the dribbler on your feet - he may not pass you under any circumstances Â- arms wide to make a pass difficult Â- defender 6 must anticipate the long pass to intercept it Â- must position himself so that he can see the ball AND both other attackers as much as possible (split vision) Â- always adjust his position on the field to intercept the most likely pass Â- if he has not been able to intercept the long pass, Â- He must NOT allow a lay up Â- Defender 5 must then sprint full speed towards the free attacker on the weak side.


In the beginning, you may have to limit the space for attackers 2 and 3. Use existing lines on the floor, or place pawns on the sidelines on the attacking half.


  • wave-9
    With 3 men on the back line and the middle one has the ball
  • The middle passes to a man and runs after the ball
  • The man in the middle passes to the man on the other side, who also runs after the ball.
  • They do this while running to the basket on the other side.
  • When someone is close enough to the basket, the man runs a lay-up.
  • He becomes the defender and the other two attackers must try to reach each other with a long ball.
  • The goal of the defender is to prevent the attackers from scoring.
  • If the attackers do not manage to score, they must do 5 push-ups.


  • One person shoots free throws.
  • Two other players stand behind the one who shoots the free throws. (According to the rules of the game)
  • Once the ball is gone, the three players go for the rebound.
  • If the person who threw the free throw has the ball, he can take another free throw.
  • If he does not have the rebound, the three players are replaced by the next three.
  1. 3 attackers have a ball + 1 defender lined up as in the picture on the right.

  2. The defender starts tipping in the middle of the bucket.

  3. The coach calls out the name of one of the attackers (or a number).

  4. When the name is called, the defender sprints to the right attacker and follows one of three commands:

  5. X1 dribbles via the baseline 2 to 3 dribbles. The defender takes a charge here.

  6. X2 makes a shot fake, the defender makes a close out. Later expand to fake + dribble.

  7. X3 dribbles from the baseline to the basket. The defender has to close out the baseline here.


  • 4 pawns with ribbons (positioned low to the ground)
  • 1 basketball per person

1. The player jumps over the ribbon with 2 feet at the same time, while holding the basketball in front of him at chest height.

2. The player jumps backwards back to the middle.

3. In the middle, the player makes a jump bringing the basketball up (arms extended) and the player makes a 180 C turn.

4. The exercise repeats facing the other side.


  • 4 pawns with ribbons stretched across them (1 ribbon per 2 pawns). Make sure the formation is not too high above the floor. Therefore use low pawns or spotlights.

1. The player starts next to the pawns.

2. The players jump from right to left over the ribbons in 'skating jumps', always putting their weight on the outside leg.

3. Make sure the players are sitting low and always land with only one leg and take off from this leg.



Goal: to defend one pass away


  • attackers use quarter of the field
  • try to get free with in-out or cut
  • first restore balance by occupying the 3 positions before cutting again
  • defender overplays when his man is playable with one pass
  • attacker can dribble
  • a waiting player counts down 20 seconds

Teaching Points:

  • hand in the passing line
  • front foot in the passing line
  • catch your man with your forearm
  • 3/4 of your attention on the man, 1/4 on the ball
  • NO help
  • change after x stops

Form of play:

  • each team gets 5x ball possession
  • who makes the most stops
  • One person shoots free throws.
  • The other players stand in the rebound positions and try to get the ball by outboxing.
  • Every 2 free throws you rotate.
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