Basketball drills for defense


  • 2 teams with 1 ball.
  • Front player dribbles across the 3-pt line, other player follows.
  • Front player decides when to go to the basket.
  • Extend with a team of 2 that are low (more options, 2 x 2)
  • 3 teams - 1 ball.
  • Possibly 2 groups on 1 basket (stay on your own side).
  • Attacking with posturing/running free.
  • Defender with split vision/front ect.
  • Passer waits for the right moment.


1x1, after the check the player with the ball cannot dribble for X seconds (must pivot and shield the ball, then 1x1)

1 player under the basket

3 or 4 players with ball outside the bucket, distributed or the field

- Give numbers to the players

- Calling out numbers, defender must quickly step out and take up position

2 baskets, spread out:

- left-hand lay-up

- Shooting from 5 positions (1x1, loser press-ups).

- Free running (head of the bucket ball, 2x2 free running to score, emphasis on defense)

- Reaction game (1 defender in the middle, 3 players with ball around the bucket, call out number)

5 lines on the back line, trainer has the ball.

- 2 rows are defenders, rest is attack

- Everyone has to touch the middle line and then attack or defend

- Trainer throws ball in the field or in the circle


2 teams, 1 ball (variant without ball, without hands)

Dribble and follow with slides, zig/zag between the lines. Pay attention to slides, footwork. Start on back line and after the last pawn 1-1.


  • 3 against 2 with passing every time. 
  • Help each other in defense when someone is free. 
  • The attackers learn to use a man advantage and to finish. 
  • Speed, precision, good passing and team play are necessary here.


  • Everyone stands back to back. 
  • The first one throws the ball against the board, the rest time well each time to catch the ball in the air and throw it against the board again,.
  • The 20th throws the ball into goal. 
  • Do this both right and left. 
  • They walk around cone or coach each time and rejoin at the back.


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